Adventure #3: Spontaneous Bus Ride to Wherever

This is Hannah.2014-12-06 11.48.20We accidentally signed up for all the same classes, so we spend a considerable amount of time together.

It was finals week last week, which meant that we put everything off, walked to the nearest bus stop, and got on the first bus that drove up. Turns out it was a bus to Fremont, and neither of us had ever seen the Fremont troll, so we got off the bus and sprinted up the hill to say hello and take some pictures together. 2014-12-06 11.33.00 We explored Fremont briefly, stopping in a vegan gluten-free bakery to try a shortbread cookie. It didn’t really taste like shortbread, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.2014-12-06 11.48.50 2014-12-06 11.51.08 The nearest bus stop to the bakery presented us with a 73, which we took to Pike Place.2014-12-06 14.04.52 2014-12-06 14.06.38 2014-12-06 14.40.56We found some musicians playing and stayed to listen for a very long time.

I can’t figure out how to embed Youtube videos into a post, but here’s a link to a video I took of one of their songs.

The sound quality isn’t brilliant. They were better in person, and I’m sorry I don’t know what they’re called or if they have any professional (or at least non-cell-phone) recordings.

We stayed until they stopped playing and then walked around the market some more. There is a doughnut stand/shop/something in Pike Place, and it’s magical. This machine makes the doughnuts in front of you.2014-12-06 15.21.17 We paid for a dozen cinnamon sugar doughnuts. We looked in the bag, realized there were definitely more than twelve, and happily ate all seventeen of them.2014-12-06 15.43.52 Downtown is a little overwhelming for someone from a town that has a population similar to the number of undergraduates at my university. It’s weird looking up and seeing buildings, not trees.2014-12-06 15.38.11I don’t have a good way to end this post, so… bye!


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